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GardenBrite™ Cordless Electric 4/6" Chainsaw

GardenBrite™ Cordless Electric 4/6" Chainsaw

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When you order today, get FREE and fast delivery for your lights. All orders are dispatched within 48 hours from our warehouse in NSW.

We use Australia Post for most orders so delivery will take 2-14 days depending on your location. Below are approximate times for each state:

  • NSW: 2-6 days
  • VIC: 5-8 days
  • QLD: 5-8 days
  • SA: 6-9 days
  • TAS: 6-9 days
  • WA: 7-14 days
  • ACT: 7-14 days
  • NT: 9-14 days

To speed up delivery if your order contains different types of lights, you may sometimes receive them separately so we can get them to you as fast as possible.

If you're not happy with your lights, you can send them back at any time within the first 100 days for a full refund.

100-Day Risk Free Trial

Feel safe with our 100-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

Not satisfied with your lights? Feel free to contact us within 100 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

Has gardening and pruning become a cumbersome and tiring task? Our brand-new GardenBrite™ cordless electric chainsaw will save you time and make pruning, trimming and tidying up a breeze!

With our cordless electric chainsaw's ability to cut through any thick branches effortlessly, this is a must-have tool for your garden. It has a long battery life of around 3 hours and is incredibly lightweight to combat shoulder, neck and back pain that often accompanies normal pruning/trimming. 

Take back control of your gardening tasks with our cordless electric chainsaw, and make pruning/trimming enjoyable again.

Here's why you'll love it:

💪  Lightweight & powerful: Cuts through thick branches and small trees in seconds.

✅  Safe & easy to use: User-friendly and made with safety in mind.

🥴  Combats back & shoulder pain: Gardening should be pain-free!

🇦🇺  Shipped from Australia: Free and fast delivery from our NSW warehouse.

🔒  100-day risk-free trial: If you're not satisfied, send it back for a full refund.

⭐️  10,000+ happy customers: People from all over Australia love our products.

Features Include:

Colour: Black

Material: ABS + metal

Battery Powered: Fast charging large capacity lithium battery. Strong power for larger branches and plants. 

Ergonomic Design: Comfortable handle and anti-skid design for smoother cutting. 

High Quality Guide Chain: Sharp and wear-resistant for easy cutting. 

Extremely Powerful: 300W of power that can easily cut through most garden branches in seconds. It's the perfect lightweight electric chainsaw for home and garden use.

Safe to Use: Designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The chainsaw has a baffle near the handle, creating a barrier between your hand and the saw.

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Are Your Lights Weatherproof?

They sure are! All our solar lights are IP65 weatherproof.

Even with our unpredictable Aussie weather your lights will shine bright all night long. You will never have to worry about these lights turning off without warning or breaking.

How Do I Track My Order?

Yay, time to celebrate – your lights are on their way! After we pass your order to the courier to be processed, we will send you a shipping confirmation email which will include a tracking number. This can be used to follow your lights from GardenBrite HQ to your doorstep!

Haven’t received your shipping confirmation email yet? Check your spam folder too (it may have ended up there).

Ultimate User Guide

So, you're about to transform your outdoor area? Whether you're hosting a dinner party, making your garden come alive or lighting up your deck... we've got you covered!

That's why we've created this ultimate guide to help you set up your lights:

Instillation Tips & Tricks

We’ve designed all of our lights to ensure instillation is effortless! Some of our lights (such as wall & step lights) come with tape and screws included. Other lights (like our ground and pattern lights) come with removable spikes.

We get lots of questions about tips and tricks to ensure your lights always stay in your desired position. We’ve spoken to thousands of customers that love to recommend using a strong double sided tape and/or adhesive hooks from their local hardware store.

Have any other tips and tricks? Let us know via email or comment on our social media posts to help each other out. Our GardenBrite community will thank you for it!

Charging Your Lights

To make sure your lights are as bright as possible it’s best to let them charge in direct sunlight for a full day before turning them on. We recommend doing this as soon as your lights arrive, you’ll love how bright they shine!

How Should I Place Them?

Where you place your brand new solar lights can be very important. It can actually impact their brightness and working time. You may find that if your lights are obstructed by objects that shade the panels during the day, they may not shine to their full potential!

How Do I Turn Them On?

Not sure how to turn on your lights? Not to worry! All of our solar lights will have a switch located under the solar panel. Some switches can be trickier to find than others, such as our solar pattern lamps, which require you to lift off the top compartment.

Don't Forget The Protective Plastic On The Panel

Some of our lights will arrive with a protective plastic film over the solar panels. Please make sure to remove this so your solar light panel receives as much direct sunlight as possible. It may seem simple, but it’s actually very common.

Can I Send An Order As A Gift?

Have a special someone who you think needs some GardenBrite lights in their life?

Our lights are the perfect gift! You can ship any GardenBrite product directly to that lucky lad or lady by entering their address as the shipping address, and your own as the billing address.

Plus, we don’t include any value invoices inside the box as any receipts are sent directly to your own email address. It’s that easy!

Where Are You Located?

Our GardenBrite HQ is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Your GardenBrite lights start their journey to you from our warehouses in Sydney.

We are solely an online retailer and currently do not have any physical stores.

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