Our Mission

GardenBrite™ was founded by a young couple in South Australia passionate about solar energy and affordable alternatives to garden lights. It has since transitioned into a small family business that is now one of Australia's leading online Solar Garden Light retailers. Our product range is deliberately focussed on a small amount of products which allow us to focus on quality. Our core values centre around quality products and exceptional customer service. We're proudly Aussie-owned, family-run and excited to welcome you into our GardenBrite™ community!


Cultivating Relationships

Although we are best known for our Solar Garden Lights, as our business has grown and our community has expanded we evolved into something really special. Along the way we have met many wonderful people that have helped us grow into more than just an online retailer. We have realised that our products aren't just about brightening up your backyard, patio or porch, it's about the people we connect with on a daily basis the world we are trying to create. We would love for everyone to go above and beyond by planting a tree, going solar, spending time with family and caring for our environment. 


Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to support individuals in forging deeper bonds with our environment, outdoor spaces, and one another. For all kinds of outdoor settings, we achieve this by designing creative, environmentally friendly, and fashionable garden solutions.